This is part two of two of the 2004 San Francisco Gay Pride parade. If you haven't seen it already, see part one.

I always find it interesting which traditional bride/groom outfits folks choose. You'll get every possible combination including guys both in dresses and gals both wearing a tux.

Mine's bigger.

These guys almost seemed redundant versus last year. Last year they were bragging about bringing down Texas anti-Sodomy laws. This year, heck, one guy can create gay marriage. Who needs a big legal organization?

Who knew?

Colage again, still with Queer Spawn shirts but they've moved the star from the edges to the center. So these are all new shirts versus last year.

Look in the back - "Social Justice". I really hate that phrase, it sounds good, but they're not saying "Social Equality" for a reason. But that's not what people who want "Social Justice" want - they want punishment and to be put on top for their chance at being the oppressor. Can't we just end the cycle and be done with it?

Oddly enough that's the only use of the phrase I recorded in 700-odd shots of the parade this year.

And here we get to part of the problem with using Pride as a political platform. You have the cute newlywed couples, full of love. You have the kids who just want their families to be treated as normal. And then you hit the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

And you just lost one strata of the more conservative margin voters.

And another.

And another. Note he's wearing a PAW shirt - this is the Partnership for Animal Welfare which is an animal rescue/shelter organization. Didn't realize animal marriage was part of the agenda.


Yes, there are huge numbers of kids in the audience. And in the parade for that matter - a lot of the local schools and daycare centers show up to promote themselves as gay-welcoming.

Now that I see this, it's interesting how little AIDS/HIV stuff there was, actually.

Lots and lots of corporate sponsors. I think to some extent they count on only pro-gay folks seeing this stuff, although everybody there seemed to think tying freedom to be yourself into free checking was a bit tacky.

More Bush.

You would think there would be more of them.

Can't argue there.

Some kind of urban renewal project that would displace poor people. I searched around a bit and it refers to Trinity Plaza - looks like they put some rent controlled units in the new structure as a compromise.

Will do.

More kid friendly content - they gave out little stuffed ones, too. Healthy Penis.


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