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To some extent anti-Bushisms were everywhere - indeed the whole point - but these are particularly focused.

I'll take Cheney too, for the purposes of this report. I love the center one - Vampire Cheney with Hitler mustache bites the neck of Lady Liberty.

Note the 900,000 number. Even the debunked Soros study put it at 600,000, but we're getting serious civilian death inflation. One speaker called it "one million" and later speakers just said "millions". Nobody appeared to notice. But this wasn't a really fact-based event. People were also not graded on spelling, luckily.

This is a good example of where deciding to leave the person in the shot changes the way you see the sign.

Look at how worn this sign is - how many protests has this person been to?

I don't know anybody who's actually fond of the man, but seriously guys, get a grip.

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