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March 19th, 2008 was the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war and in addition to a big march scheduled for 5:00pm various groups scheduled "direct actions" throughout the day. I got on a SMS notification service for one of these groups, and as I took the subway into San Francisco it was announced that there was a die-in happening at 3rd and Market, right in the middle of the street. If you don't know the area suffice to say this was designed to mess with traffic as badly as possible. Historically this has been a bad move (San Francisco has enough traffic problems already) but I thought I'd try to get there before it ended. Luckily it takes a long time to assemble police, make arrests, and generally process everybody so there was no problem.

This was what greeted me as I exited the subway.

These people moved when so ordered and took off their masks. They were in the street maybe 1 minute.

Here's the real action - lots of protesters in the middle of a major intersection.

Let's take a look at that shotgun!

There were fairly large numbers of protesters but it's hard to tell exactly because you couldn't cross the street and lots of people were just trying to figure out what to do. But I think it's safe to say the guy with the tuba's there to liven things up.

The police were hyper professional and basically arrested people in pairs, processed them, and took them away in a big bus.

While people in the audience chanted or just watched. This guy brought a bullhorn.

If you had a bondage fetish the lines of restrained gals would be interesting.

Damn, they arrested Grandma.

You get the idea - as the numbers dwindled they started running busses through the empty part of the intersection so at this point they really started taking their time.

Nice bag there, officer.

Let's see the other side of this one - there's something wonderful about a flex-tied gal in a Kaffiyeh.

You see here they're removing her belt, scarves, etc. and putting them into that bag. Everybody was searched.

Well alrighty then. I'm sure most of these folks are Catholic.

I'm going to show maybe a quarter of the folks I photographed being arrested. There were 27 or 29 arrests at this die-in and 50+ at another one later in the day.

Kaffiyeh again.

The cop to protester ratio's getting pretty extreme.

This is the only protester who was really complaining - she was shouting slogans at the little cluster of media-types on the sidewalk.

Not all of those arrested had so much energy.

Meanwhile, in the audience, there was a lot of this kind of thing.

That's my question to those arrested.

At this point the remaining protesters split off for a "snake march" which is moonbat code for march all over at random until something happens. Often there's a leader who knows where the next action is and will make sure they end up in place in time to support it.

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