This covers the snake march through the city after the "die in" - if you got here directly, you might also want to see the index. If you've missed the intro, the basics are that an "action" has just ended and the remaining non-arrested are heading to the next event in a random way that maximizes traffic disruption, chaos, and photographic opportunities.

This is right after the police have cleared the intersection. Not sure of the count but there's a ton of cops here.

As a group marches off down the middle of the street, they're running to flank them on either side.

The rear of the march - I'm trying to gain on them without getting in the way of the cops who are closing fast.

There were these observers all over the place - basically hoping a cop would lose it and hit somebody.

Lots of furries - people dressed as animals. Just as creepy as it sounds.

"Stop monkeying around - not in my name"

I recognize this guy from Berkeley events - they had kind of a mini marching bad/juggling thing going on to make it more festive. Remember, they don't really expect the war to end, this is supposed to be fun.

"Poodle against the war doodle"... I think, I didn't catch all of it.

Nice Kaffiyeh, dude.

This guy would randomly shout "Sig Heil!"


If you don't see the video, go here to see it in higher quality.

Good time for a video break - just a short pair of clips to give you a feel for what this sounded like.

Those green anti-Chevron signs were recycled from a protest over the weekend at a refinery. Note the slogan "No War No Warming No Empire" - basically all of mankind's ills can be traced to oil companies.

I saw variations on this theme several times. I know what will show The Man! I'll stick some flowers in the hole! If only I can get them to stay there!

Eventually they settled at an intersection where speeches were starting. Let's take a quick look at their setup...

Honest citizen, I'm sure.

Seriously, this woman gave the Dullest Longest Speech Ever. Lots of shouts of "Get her off the stage". At this point the SMS service that was informing me of the days events announced a poetry reading at this corner. Ah, hell, time to head to Berkeley and the Marine Recruting Office.

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