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This is where the speakers were - this is maybe five minutes before the speeches started.

What, you don't think those people brought their own signs, do you? Well, the folks I focus on often do, but the pre-printed ones get handed out. Organizations use this to make it look like they have a lot of members (just because somebody grabbed a sign doesn't mean they're an ANSWER member) and to try to present a uniform message. Unfortunately they're not very fun, and most people are here for the fun and not the specific focus of the protest, which is why at any event that mostly attracts protest regulars you'll see huge numbers of individual signs.

Not exactly packed. For those who know the area, basically everybody but a few stragglers was in the paved area between the trees, from the stage to about 3/4 of the way across the plaza.

The cops stayed out of the plaza for the most part - they guarded city hall.

And had more ready to go (and follow the march) on the other side.

I hope I can find someplace to stand. This is the first protest I've been to where I wished I brought a wide angle lens to capture the big open spaces.

They were handing out free food.

They actually had a pretty nice looking rice/bean/misc plate if you didn't mind eating beans scooped out of a bucket by some gal on the street. Mostly high school students (who must have been starving - the Berkeley ones can't have had a chance to get dinner) and local homeless were taking advantage of this.

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