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These were taken over a period of time so the people change somewhat. My understanding is that they're mostly College Republicans from various local colleges. I don't think it's fair to say they're "Pro-War" since I believe at least some of them were there more in response to the anti-American focus of these events, or like many people feel that while the war was a bad idea we need to leave in a semi-graceful fashion or we're screwed in the long run. So I'm sticking with "Patriots".


If you don't see the video, go here to see it in higher quality.

Just four short clips - about 44 seconds total - to give you a feel for what it just have been like. Remember that since patriots came and went from the group to go check out the rest of the protest there was maybe 6-12 people there at any given time, and hundreds that oppose you. And they're yelling obscenities in your face from inches away, and into a bullhorn at that. And most of the patriots didn't know each other - they showed up in two and threes, delighted to find somebody else to help out, so when they came they didn't know they'd have any backup at all. But yet they came anyway.

If you ever need a sign for an event like this, this is your model. Each and every one of these really pissed off the anti-war crowd.

Notice there's no flag on the pol of the guy in the Cal shirt - I didn't see it personally, but I was told that some flags were stolen and defaced/burnt. There was also a bit of scuffle at one point.

That sign in the rear is a regular protester, he's basically trying to horn in on the attention the patriots are getting.

This fellow was across the street but eventually joined the main group.


Again, these guys I spotted off to one side but they eventually found each other.

One of the drawbacks of being on this side is you're probably not a protest regular, so you don't have the pre-made outfit and signs and all that (notice how worn many of the signs look in other sections? That's because they've been using the same sign for years in some cases). If you have a flag you're set, but what if you don't? Well, throw a California Republican Party tote bag over your shoulder. It'll do.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

That facial expression says so much.

Eventually the police convinced them all to move across the street for their own safety - which was becoming a real issue. Yes, peace activists are often violent and if you look at the report you'll realize many of them aren't so much anti-war as anti-Bush or anti-Israel. They're not all Ghandi types, or even Quakers.

Here's your best chance to get a count - once they moved across the street a couple more folks came out of the woodwork, if only because they were easier to find. My understanding is that things basically went OK after this point although the gals did have to chase away a couple of violent moonbats.

Thanks, guys - not everybody who supported you was able to say hello, but we were there none the less.

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