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Just some random characters. Sometimes it's a judgment call if it should be in signs or portraits, but these are primarily about the people.

Zachary Running Wolf, perpetual Berkeley mayoral candidate who uses the Oaks protest to get attention. UC Police call him Zachary Running Mouth.

Frank Chu was interviewing himself?? I saw him holding the microphone and talking, and then the media guy rushed up and took it away from him.

That's a TLR for you kids out there - Twin Lens Reflex. As compared to an SLR - Single Lens Reflex.

She's a regular code pinker - usually next to Medea Benjamin to the extent that people speculate on her companion/bodyguard status but I've seen her alone the last couple of times and Medea was in DC protesting at the IRS building. She wore this shirt to the Berkeley City Council meeting Feb 12th. Classy.

Another code pink regular.

Again, these are recognizable to anybody who reads these reports.

"Leather Jacket Guy" - I see him regularly at Berkeley anti-Marine related events and there are pictures of him scattered around the website - he's big on recruiting kids.


Media. There was a ton of media here - you can see all of the vans parked around - but it was totally overkill given the stories they ended up writing.


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