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I think this is a case of sign recycling. I mean, who's going to see the back?

I recognize the guy from the anti-war rally Wednesday - must have been nice to not be twelve against hundreds! The cranky looking guy in the blue shirt is a media guy.

One of these things is not like the other one... this is one of the few code pink people who actually live in Berkeley themselves - they kind of trickled in as word got out that maybe today wasn't the day to take some time off.


Ok, that's just creepy.

More media. There were a bunch of them running around, but you get the idea. I felt sorry for her in that coat - media babes always seem to wear these heavy coats, presumably to keep their clothing nice, but it was quite nice weather.

OK, so speeches, singing (she (Diana Nagy) was awesome, incidentally). I'm not going to try to go into any more detail than I said in the beginning other than to add that it was nice hearing articulate speakers for once. There's definitely articulate folks on the left... but not usually here, if you see the distinction.

The copy center has a whole new glow, don't you think?

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