These are from the Olympic Torch Run protests Wednesday, April 9th 2008 in San Francisco, CA. This is not the start of the report - if you got a direct link to this page you might want to go back to the start.

I guess it's no surprise the socialists were around but they were in a minority. I guess when you're surrounded by actual Communist Chinese flags it seems a bit silly.

There were several flavors of law enforcement - park rangers here.

Tons of media running around.

Here's the second banner - the third was more generic - Go Olympics! basically.

Lots of media. Boy were these people pissed when the torch didn't even come here!

This is a flyer on the street.

At this point I started walking down the waterfront to the opening ceremonies and start. I was thinking if I was at the start I'd have a better chance of seeing the torch (ha!). There were lots of little clusters of people holding their spots along the route.

At this point an enormous (hundreds and hundreds of people) group started marching down the same route I was going - I heard them coming up behind me and went back a bit - this is the front of the line. Now, the street they're marching down is major and wasn't scheduled to be closed off for a bit. They basically came to a halt when they first hit real traffic.

Notice the Vietnam issues.

It went on and on.

The police showed up and tried to stop them and the marchers basically just ignored them and kept going. I think this was one of the big signs that the police didn't have control of the streets.

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