These are from Tuesday, May 1st 2008 in San Francisco, CA - May Day. If you got here directly, you might be interested in the main index page for this report.

Just a quick note about media coverage - there were multiple news vans but they weren't really sure where to set up. This guy was in a position that ended up being awfully far away from anything worth shooting.

We start with the longshoreman union drill team. It's important to put somebody slow in front to set the pace.

This particular march was supposed to be strongly tied into the union's attempt to close down west coast ports.

The theme of sending money elsewhere was very popular.

But you also get a lot of signs like this. I have zero idea what this says.

Update: I'm not sure if they want credit, so I'll keep this anonymous, but I was told...

The sign says (in a bizarre mixture of simplified Chinese AND traditional Chinese):

"May 1st! Oppose American imperialism! Oppose the Iraq War."

So, we have Socialists with Che and some pro-Immigration stuff and Spanish language and a Palestinian flag. That's pretty much going to be par for the course.

This isn't going to be a super-commentary heavy report since a lot of this stuff speaks for itself.

I assume these folks will be at the Oakland rally this evening - interesting they used the same signs.

This has to do with five people who were fired from Freightliner - they say because they were organizing a strike. I have no insight into if this is true or not.

Pretty much sums it up. I think my favorite is "Wealthy get Wealthier From poor, dead soldiers".

There were a ton of these. I always think of them as bagels for peace.

That green sign's left over from a rally in March. It's funny how you start recognizing these things after a while.

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