These are from Tuesday, May 1st 2008 in San Francisco, CA - May Day. If you got here directly, you might be interested in the main index page for this report.

These are signs and people who some might find interesting but I can't bear to include them in yet another report. (And yes, Frank Chu was there, he's in the video but I didn't get a good picture).

Those three signs have all been featured here before - they just keep getting more and more beat up. I don't know if it's a badge of honor to be a regular or what, but the number of people with nasty old signs is pretty incredible. You would think they'd make a new one occasionally.

Ms. Joi drives the Code Pink truck in Berkeley so she pretty much has to be at every event or there wouldn't be a truck... there were other Code Pink folks around but they're the same every time and I've pretty much started ignoring them. Suffice to say most of the usual gang was there although I didn't see Medea - she usually flies off to DC or someplace else for the larger, more important national events.

This entry is mostly about the shirt although she looks vaguely familiar as well.

Leather Jacket Guy - He's with World Can't Wait and I must put him in a report once or twice a month. He's usually in the same jacket and shirt. I saw him at the evening rally manning one of the Communist booths.

There's always about three of these at every event.

Free Mumia! (With your purchase of $20...) Pretty much every protest in the city there are these Spartacist signs with at least one Mumia sign and some other random stuff thrown in for luck.



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