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Lots of new zombies were created here. It's a messy process.

Lots of folks enjoyed the show, not realizing the zombies were real.

Old protest photography trick - if you get behind something, you have a bit of protection against being bumped and it's easier to focus if they're not so close. Usually you want to aim a bit higher, but the zombies loved having a surface to interact with.

Ew. Bloody drool.

Any kind of window with folks eating or shopping got a lot of attention. They did go into some shops but generally savvy store owners stood in the doorway, waved and smiled, and didn't let anybody go in. They're used to marches here.

That's Anonymous, protesting Scientology (their local office is right across the street). There were maybe 75 of them and we outnumbered them by a lot (to be fair they split up over different Scientology offices - they regularly protest in Mountain View, San Jose, and Berkeley as well just in the bay area, and it's a global movement).

Everybody was super excited to join them. I'm afraid there may have been jaywalking.

Some of the anons got converted. It was pointed out to me that this mixes some interesting symbolism - anarchist (via corporate Hollywood movie), anti-Scientologist, and pro-Zombie. Add a 9/11 shirt and Kaffiyeh and a pink hat and you're complete.

Anon sees all and doesn't forget.

After much dancing (the protesters had a sound permit and put on bouncy music) we continued, our numbers increased. The poor police didn't really understand that we were a different group and as a result were very confused as to how the number of protesters grew so fast and where we were going, and were we all going or just the new ones who just showed up, and why didn't we know to obey the little things they always enforce heavily on protests, like not stepping off the curb on a red light. Somebody explained there were two unrelated groups, although some had switched sides, and we were leaving. He sent a couple of bike cops to watch over us the next couple of intersections until we were out of his hair.

It's time for part three - Chinatown and anti-China protests.

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