These are from Tuesday, September 9th in Berkeley, CA.

If you haven't been following the Berkeley Oak Grove protest at UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium you might want to read the events of the last couple of days - removing the grove and some aftermath reporting. Basically the story is that there were still four tree sitters in one tree, and today was the day to finally remove them.

The crowd of spectators was substantial. At peak many hundreds of people - probably 70% just spectators, and 15% each who were strongly for or against the tree sitters.

There were tons of media - four helicopters, as an example.

The four tree sitters were way up on the top of one remaining 90 foot tall redwood, while the police made last attempts to negotiate.

Meanwhile, workers constructed a scaffolding in record time from the bottom of the grove nearly to the tree sitters.

Just astounding how fast they built this thing - it went up in a couple of hours.

There were the usual Berkeley characters - this is Zachary Running Wolf, who you will see in the video at the end.

The sitters basically just watched.

On the ground they made tons of noise - hitting anything that would make a noise. You can hear this constantly in the video.

That's the chief of police in the center. Imagine having to hang maybe 80 feet up negotiating with a bunch of tree sitters.

The top two sitters were way, way, up at the top of the tree. It was clear that extraction would be very dangerous.

This is Marcella - you'll see her in the video as well, basically causing trouble while the police arrest somebody else, getting everybody all worked up - and then I have still shots of her slipping away and leaving everybody else to face the cops. Cute.

There's a big median strip (planted largely with oaks, ironically) and one of the police lines was there to keep traffic flowing. The protesters love to block traffic to show their "power" which is actually what most of the arrests have been about - blocking a roadway.

Meanwhile the sitters moved higher and higher, trying to cram two people into the very top perch.

The police are very, very patient.

Yes, that's Dumpster Muffin, a former tree sitter famous for her name and multiple warrants for theft that were discovered when the police processed her. You'll see how articulate she is in the video (about like you would expect.)

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