These are from Tuesday, September 9th in Berkeley, CA.

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At this point a mini rot broke out - you can see it on the video, there was an arrest and Marcella was shouting at the police with the bullhorn.

And here you see she's running for it, behind Dumpster Muffin, with an organizer (whose name I won't use because I don't want to promote the book he claims to be writing) regular viewers will know by his stupid hat (in the red shirt). They just left everybody else behind to hang.

But basically nothing phases these guys anymore. The protesters act up, the police get them to knock it off, and two minutes later it's back to waiting.

The protesters briefly took over half of the road but were pushed back in short order (also on the video).

The thing is, all of this basically just served to distract the people on the ground from the trees. Look at that - a platform's forming right below the tree sitters.

Anybody in white with a hard hat is a worker. There are also uniformed police in blue with hard hats, and anybody else is a tree sitter.

That's a tree sitter. Impressive bolt cutters!

And still the platform grows, and still they negotiate.


Putting up cross bars now.

How nice that everything fits in one frame now.

Meanwhile the crowd is just stretched as far as the eye can see.

I wonder if when he signed up to be a cop he expected to be doing this. Remember he's about 80 feet off the ground.

He'll have a story when he gets home this evening.

As they worked they just kept throwing more and more pieces off - stuff that used to be part of the tree sit.

Wait, they're getting one last cheer! I've been to enough of that to know it means they're about to come down - but is it negotiated or are they expecting to be pulled by force?

They're coming down peacefully! Ayr, their ground leader, has announced that they've negotiated some kind of input into UC land use. They love overstating these things so they can claim UC is lying later - it will be interesting to see what UC says they agreed to. And yes, Ayr's exact wording is on the video - he says "committee or venue" - well which is it? It seems to me if UC had agreed to something specific Ayr wouldn't have been so vague at this poitn.

Update: The tree sitters sent out an email with kind of a watered down version - saying it was up to the community to make sure any such input had teeth and all the details were open for negotiation. It also had details of a variety of other demands that they hoped people would pressure the college into doing even though the tree sit is over. It also begged for bail money. According to AP an unnamed UC spokesperson said that they'd made no agreement at all and later reports have UC denying any deal. I bet the upshot will be that nothing happens, but for years we'll hear all about how Cal "broke their promise" at Berkeley events - because after all, that's what Ayr announced, right?

One last wave...

And the handcuffs go on.

At this point it's like clockwork. Tree sitter comes down...

Gets cuffed...

Gets led down the stairs...

You get the idea - he's lowering some personal items down (many of them have memory cards with photographs they want to keep - that's been something they've negotiated in the past).

It took probably another 15 or 20 minutes after this, but these guys eventually came down as well.

Here's that video I promised...

...and here's the direct link. Watch it in high quality! It's really needed when an officer tackles somebody and there's dust everywhere.

Update: That was all over by 1:30 and my report went up at 4:30. Since then I was told by an eyewitness that they were able to remove the scaffolding and the tree itself before nightfall (5:18!), so that's that.

Update2: Zombie has an excellent report up now, and it focuses a bit more on all four sitters coming down. KTVU has a nice video up that shows the tree coming down. Notice how it also shows interviews with folks like Zachary RunningWolf - compare how they portray him to in a calm interview but don't show him ranting like a lunatic as in my video.


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