If you haven't seen it yet, check out part one.

What the hell? Haiti? I'll have more closeups of these guys later, but it's the fourth anniversary of the UN going into Haiti. And since it's a leap day really it's the first anniversary they've had, so they're quite excited about it. So where's World Can't Wait? Where's the media? Well, it's early yet, so let's come back later.

When this place was open later it smelled GREAT. I'm thinking of making a Berkeley Boycott exemption for them because they're the only business around with a US flag and their food really does smell wonderful.

Well who else could you possibly name it after?

Any traction with the tree sit yet? No.

Well, over at the banner area they're making progress, but they're clearly not ready yet. It's so weird, you call for people to meet at 10:30. It's 11:30 and all you've achieved is to start to make the thing you'll be protesting with. And it's clear their goal is to have it done by when all the classes let out at noon. They left THAT part out of their email to the save the oaks group. Just how much free time do these people think we have?

Screw it, the high school students are letting out by now, let's check out the Marines. I guess I'd better explain the Haiti thing. The UN ordered troops in to stabalize the country in the middle of revolution. 2/29/2004 the first forces hit. Well, you know when you hear "UN troops" and it's not just sitting around - you actually have to stabilize things - you know that really means US troops, at least to start, because we're good at getting troops in quick. Two more countries were in there the next day, and I think eight or nine eventually.

And of course, who arrived first? 1,000 US Marines. Who else? But now, four years later, these guys aren't happy with the situation in Haiti, and whose fault is it in their minds? The USMC.

A couple of World Can't Wait people showed up, but even their sign mentions Haiti so it's clear that's going to be the theme today. Notice the counter protesters in the background with the US flags.

There were two news vans. Sorry for the language, but a lot of the media types had a serious "What the fuck?" expression on their face. I don't think they were expecting the Haiti thing, I think they were here because this is when the high school kids show up with World Can't Wait and last week there were two arrests.

They recycled a MacWorld sign to make this. What kind of person grabs a MacWorld banner and thinks "I'll save this until I need to make a protest sign!"

There were five police on hand (costing the city how much?) but they were on a corner barely in view of the Marines office. In fact at one point a truck was unloading in front of them and I don't believe they could actually monitor the situation. Not that it really mattered, nobody was doing anything illegal. But then in that case, why five of them?

Confused media types. They're across the street as well, figuring out what to do.

There are tons of high school kids getting lunch on my side of the street, but they just ignored today's protest.

OK, it's past noon, back to the campus.

To see the grand finale - tree sitters finally do something (sort of), and crazy on campus groups, see part three.

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