If you haven't seen it yet, check out part one.

Hey, they've put their own line around the police line. Whoo hoo, and it only took 90 minutes!

Protesters were holding it up for the part of the area with the most passerbys.

Three cops. Apparently it's under 24 hour watch in case somebody crosses the police line, but basically they just ignore any other goings on. Note that UC Berkeley Police is its own thing, with the city police having joint jurisdiction on campus but basically leaving it alone.

They were trying to get supporters to go inside but there were only a couple of takers.

Easiest job around.

The guy on the right is the group's founder. So this is the point where I frankly got tired of this protest. I mean, it's two hours in, they've delighted some high school kids checking out Cal seeing that this kind of stuff still goes on, but basically nothing's happened. I don't know if they attempted a resupply. If the leftie citizen journalist type posts video I'll link to it (he never did), but I'm done here.

Note that this group and Direct Action to Stop the War have teamed up for March 19th protests. This is hilarious because DASW is the group that tried to organize a protest against Obama's pro-war stance (don't ask) and basically nobody showed up. (They were big in 2003-2004 but they've recently recycled the name into a new group and they aren't ready for prime time yet.)

Well, that was fun, but the student groups are all set up now, so let's check out student groups!

Was putting those two groups next to each other really a good idea?

No more popular than Republicans. Might as well be Republicans, really, Democrats are pretty far to the right, you know?

Free music! The amp says "Scissors For Lefty". They were good!

This is why you join a band - yes, those pretty much are all girls. Notice also the music is about 100 times more popular than the protest.

Quick! Back to the car!

I hope you enjoyed this report for a typical day of Berkeley fun!


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