This is a continuation of the evening Berkeley Marine protest shoots. If you haven't seen it yet, start on page one.


Multi-language media, at that.

Oh, sure, interview the most attractive high school student, not the crazy people. That's fair.

Again, very typical - just some gal who made a sign and is holding it up with dignity and maybe a little amusement at the barking of the moonbats.

Overview shot - steps of city hall in the background.

OK, at this point it just got random. Dozens of construction-worker types, mostly in hard hats, showed up with these signs. They went right through the entire thing and ended up right in front of city hall. Apparently they have an unrelated issue with the city council and thought they'd take advantage of the media.

The construction guys (or whatever, I'm really not sure what their issue is, sorry).

That big cluster of white signs way in the back is them - they kind of got lost in the shuffle, but still, slick move.

Media babes.

Blah blah, funded by George Soros, blah blah, debunked, blah blah, it just makes you look stupid, get a new sign.

Lost media babe (The lovely Lilian Kim). Where'd I put that camerman?



Youth. Note which side she's on, and that dot under her lip is a piercing. Just because some group of Berkeley High students were recruited by World Can't Wait doesn't mean all the young people were anti-Marine - far from it.

And with one last look back we curse the darkness (I was doing all kinds of technical stuff to get these shots as it was) and head home. The meeting lasted until well past midnight and resulted in a partial pull-back by the city council (they tempered their language, basically). Berkeley PD made $93,000 in overtime so it cost the city at least that much, boycotts aside.

One thing that occurs to me is that the main reason they needed so many cops was the anti-Marine side, since they were the ones that kept trying to escalate things, and since they really don't like the police. So it's kind of ironic that they're the ones that hurt the city budget that much - the pro-Marine side talks a lot about boycotts, and maybe they'll get some traction on that, but $93,000 in one day is a nice concrete result. I don't know the city's rake on the sales tax, but you have to avoid buying a whole lot of consumer goods to cost the city $93,000. Something to think about.

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