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Berkeley PD had to make passes down the front of the anti-Marine side periodically to get them back on the sidewalk. I saw two youths run out and slam their hands against a truck and flip off the driver, apparently because he'd flipped them off. The police did nothing.


Again, kids on the World Can't Wait side. Sorry about the lens flare. The lighting was generally rather unfortunate.

More kids. They clearly felt really cool in their orange bandannas. They'd keep pulling them up over their faces until they realized they couldn't actually talk, and then they'd pull them down.

Right in the thick of it.

Again, looking across at the pro-Marine side. No need to comment for a bit, just read the signs and you'll know as much as I do.

OK, back to the kids. See the kid with the bullhorn? He was leading chants like "Get the Fuck out of Berkeley". Some sweet grandma-types on the pro-Marine side were appalled. And then started to basically go over and wash their mouth out with soap until somebody stopped them. Don't screw with a pro-Marine grandma!

More media stuff. They had lots of gear around but weren't doing a whole lot in terms of interviews or whatever. Note the code pink gals in the background even though this was on the pro-Marine side. The antis were much more likely to cross over, either to get to their cars or to argue. Some of them were bemoaning the fact that to have a "dialog" they had to cross over because it basically wasn't safe on their side but they knew they wouldn't be harmed on the Marine side.

The code pink truck, always a hit.

Just an overview shot of the pro-Marine side. I'd say they had about 50% more people, or many times more people if you don't include the high school students.

So why so many high school students? Berkeley High is right down the street! Here's two kids/protesters coming out of school. Now remember, it's 10:30 on a school day, so either they're skipping or their teacher has let them out to protest. (I later heard that the school policy was that they could go to the protest if they wanted to - unsupervised in an area where the police felt like they needed to station dozens of officers.)

OK, on the left see the Berkeley high entrance? On the right in the background see the pink? A lot of that is actually flags from the protest - the red and white kind of blends together at this distance. I just wanted to drive home how close the high school is to the protest and that kids were walking back and forth all the time. It will be very interesting when I return this evening to see how the demographics change.

Update: Evening Pictures!

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