I've been dropping by the "continual" Code Pink protest in front of the Marine recruiting office in Berkeley and never yet saw anybody there. Jan 8th, 2008 there was a special scheduled event that looked interesting.

*******Shoveling Day at the Station*: Tuesday, Jan 8th, 12:00 noon*******

It might be the New Year but they’re still shoveling the SAME OLD SHIT! at the M.R.S.* (Marine Recruiting Station).

They are still recruiting our youth; still telling them the same old lies; still sending them off to kill for corporate wealth.

Bring your shovels! Bring you hot pink gardening aprons and gloves! Bring your Seeds of Change, Seeds for Peace.

Bring small planters also, for passers-by, so together we all can plant our Seeds of Change as we grow peace this year.

Turning the “soil” at the M.R.S. into fertile ground and GROW PEACE!

Well, that ought to be photogenic, right?

Hey, they're there! Now, I have to explain this a bit. The pink on the right is their truck which we'll see more of later. Directly across from it on the left side of the street see the red? That's where the Marine office is. This was actually taken when I was walking back from finding parking since I couldn't actually get the shot while driving.

OK, there's the truck. I'm sure it's very fuel efficient and eco friendly.

Yep, I'm pretty sure that's their truck. What about the protesters?

There they are! Well, their signs anyway, one of which has fallen and can't get up and is blocking parking in front of the poor beauty salon next door. OK, this is starting to look less promising, but let's at least try a different angle.

Back of the truck, just to be thorough. I've never understood why people think that kind of crazy, multi color, hand-written stuff totally covering a vehicle is an effective means of persuasion. Especially when you have a "Vote John Kerry" sticker and you're calling for the impeachment of people who have left office and you're promoting an event from the prior year. Doesn't exactly make you look like you're with the times. Plus Cynthia McKinney for President? She's left the Democratic Party after she was voted out in her district and is trying to secure the Green Party nomination for President. Is that kind of lack of political relevance really going to make your cause look more mainstream or less?

OK, I've crossed the street and approached. That's them!

Yeah, that's the whole thing. Maybe there were shovels earlier, but a half hour into the protest this is it. I do see some buckets and a potted plant or two but nobody offered me anything.

Well, color me disappointed. I mean, finding a couple of people protesting or picketing some random business in Berkeley is pretty much business as usual. If this is the best Code Pink can do it really tells you what their popular support is like.


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