Part two of two. If you haven't seen it already, check out part one!

Overview of everybody in the new location.

Basically they just hauled stuff up on ropes.

They really didn't have a good system of dealing with goodies once they were up, and quite a lot of stuff fell back down onto the protesters below.

Everybody records everybody, with protesters trying to block the police cameras. Here's a video of that...

I was trying to film this gal with a video camera who was blocking and filming a cop who was trying to videotape the people attaching lines to the goodies to be carried up when a big bag of oranges fell right through my view.

Most of the stuff seemed to be staples - water, food, but they also moved up a guitar.

There was a little media but not a huge amount. NBC and print journalists as far as I could tell.

Guitar with bags over it.

And still the police just waited.

And talked. There's a court order saying you can't help the tree sitters, but apparently they were under orders just to record and watch. Note that guy's a lieutenant, and the department's not that big so I believe this guy's basically in charge of the patrol division.

From across the street, just trying to give an idea of the scale. Keep in mind a lot of those folks are UC Police.

This is pretty much the whole crowd. By the way - one way you could tell the police weren't planning on making arrests - there's no flex cuffs hanging from their belts. If the police are really expecting mass arrests they get a bunch of plastic cuffs prepped and hanging from their belt. At really big protests a shot of the cops their butts would basically be covered with them hanging from the back of their belts.

Part of the point here is that there's almost no students involved in this. Look at the crowd - they're old. And yes, the tree sitters are younger, but not students.

I hope that look isn't apathy! The badge is kind of interesting - it has the overly complex UC logo on it (an open book with a lot of random symbolic stuff thrown in for luck). Berkeley city PD just have a star, not the city logo. I think they were on sale or something. (Oh... I just looked up the Berkeley city logo, it's a set of multiethnic faces. Wouldn't work in gold, they'd have to have color badges and all the other cops would laugh at them. The star was the best choice.)

Media babe waiting. I don't know if they ended up shooting anything for that evening's news, but there was nothing about the protest on that station's website that evening or the next day.

Well, that's that. They were resupplied without real hassle, Cal Berkeley and the UC police look weak and basically gave the protesters new life with their half-assed raid. And again, none of this really matters until the court decisions months from now.

I will say I'm impressed with the UC police though - they took a heck of a lot of abuse without doing anything stupid and they could easily have been manipulated into playing right into the protester's hands.

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