If you haven't see it yet, check out part one.

Overview, you can see the orange but it's just not that impressive.

The high school kids.

...and the adults on the other side.

Media guy running back and forth across the street. Those are turn arrows, not a crosswalk.

Wait, what's that on the right? Somebody in a gray USMC shirt? A counter protest! I'm afraid I didn't actually notice them this early, but we'll see more later.

They're pulling gear out of that truck and trying to get some momentum going.

Quick video to just give a sense of what it's like from across the street - not very impressive.

But why not walk around the block again? She's on the UC Berkeley campus.

OK, back around again... I keep showing these far away shots to give a feeling for what the folks driving by or even on the other side of the street see. Zooming into a bunch of guys with signs and orange clothing looks impressive, but if you're from Berkeley you could easily never even notice what was going on among all the other everyday craziness.

Down to one cop. I imagine it's a really good idea if there's a scuffle to have one guy across the street to radio for help - the police stations close but not in sight so they need a bit of a spotter.

But you can see the little counter protest at this point - there's two USMC shirt wearing guys, and the gal next to them has USMC patches on her sweater (you can see them in a later shot).

Add a touch of zoom... by the way, a lot of the people in these shots, like the guy in blue are just trying to get down the street, so take that into account - if you see somebody in just one shot they may not be a protester.

I've got to check this out. Into the fray.

Getting close! You can see that it's a bit intimidating to walk down the sidewalk, but they're not blocking it or anything.

High school anti-Marines gal.

If you look just under that sign you can see the flag and marine patch on the gal in gray. You can also see the camcorder on the right - there were quite a few people with cameras of one kind or another.

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