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Pro-Marines gal! Yes, the pro-Marine gals in Berkeley have nose piercings.

Pro-Marines guy. I didn't get a close up of the third one, sorry, but you can see him well enough in the earlier shots. Notice this guy's arguing with Leather Jacket Guy, who's with World Can't Wait and had been making speeches earlier. Basically the counter protesters point was that not all Berkeley High students are anti-Marine, and while they had various opinions about if the war was a good idea in the first place, calling the USMC rapists and murders was stupid.

And he's right about not all high school students supporting them - there were at the very most, being as generous as possible, 20 anti-Marine students out of 3,400 at this event.

I also want to say that for a high school kid to argue with lots of scary guys in orange and some well seasoned activists like this guy takes some balls. Especially when at one point they were shoving their video cameras about six inches from his face and drowning him out with chanting and bullhorns. And unlike the WCW crowd, no adult handlers here - they were on their own! Kudos! Any one of the USMC supporters had more balls than the World Can't Wait crowd combined... and I'm including the gal in that.

Leather jacket guy. Now, go look at the zombie report from Feb 12th. Find this guy, and also look at the picture after him and remember that guy. This guy is about half way down, search for "Pied Pipers" and if you're not sure it's him note the D300 camera strap. And like I said in the very next picture...

Yeah, that guy was here too. Same hat, same shirt, same sign. He was just a bit off to the side of the main protest, and really glad somebody took his picture.

Pro-Marine gal, amused at something a moonbat had just barked.

Guarding the door (notice these are different than the ones in the first shot - they had a changeover at some point). You can see the one gal's got some pink on but again, despite both groups posting ads all over this is really a World Can't Wait event and you really had to hunt for Code Pink. Since the Code Pink sound permit and parking spot is for Wednesday it may be different then.

More of the students. Notice how the four students with the signs in front of the banner makes a great shot for WCW to take - but all the signs, banner, and bandannas were given to them by adults and they were posed in this position. This is probably also a good time to point out - that office is for Officer Selection - you have to have a college degree. So the fact that there are lots of high school students and little or no UC Berkeley students here is interesting.

This is also a good time to point out that if you are organized enough to get a bunch of orange shirts and bandannas (and the parent organization sells them in bulk - the bandannas are $2 each) and a half dozen signs on sticks and maybe one or two banners you just need a couple of dozen useful idiots to accept them and it really looks like you have an organized protest. And if you're some high school kid who doesn't really have a "group" yet - not even band - these guys are very appealing. They welcome you right in, say you'll be on TV, they give you the stuff, you think you look cool. So between the folks who will protest anything as a social gathering, and the kids who are headed down that path it's really, really easy in Berkeley to get a group together.

Some bicycle cops checking in with the reserves (they cleared out a few minutes later).

One last overview shot...

...and zoom in a bit.

...and then we're done. Time to leave city limits so I can buy lunch. Plus, you know, some of us have jobs and stuff. Note the cop's writing a ticket - at least something got done.

I really appreciate the professionalism and the patience of the police on scene today. Berkeley PD, like any large group of guys, has some bad apples but these guys today seemed to have their act together.

Postscript: Interesting enough, according to media reports there were arrests later in the day.  I found a couple of slightly differing accounts, but the gist is that at 4:00 – hours after I left - 20-25 protesters got bored, chained themselves together and started marching down the street.  They got a couple of blocks and two police on bicycles stopped them to discuss the fact that they were using a bullhorn, and while they did have a noise permit it only covered the immediate area in front of the recruiting station.  The protesters encircled the police and shoved and kicked them.  The police called for backup and large numbers of police showed up immediately.  After a scuffle in which a number of officers were slightly injured two guys were arrested and hauled off.  The protesters slunk on back to the Marine station and resumed the protest there.

There were no pictures, and all the information seemed to be from a single Berkeley spokeswoman, which indicates to me that no media were actually there.  They gave the name of one guy as Rafael Schiller.  If you google that name, you’ll find references to a Rafael Schiller-Laden (adding –Laden to your name, classy) who is a professional activist with World Can’t Wait.

My take from all of the above is that the police have responsed to complaints that the protesters are ignoring the bounds of their permits - there were also complaints that they were being enforced very unevenly, basically only making the pro-Marine side stick to their permits - and I'm glad that things seem to have improved. Although, really, when the two bicycle cops just want to have a word with you, and point out that you're breaking the law and maybe should knock it off, attacking the police isn't going to make you any friends. After weeks of this kind of thing the police have got to be pretty sick of these guys.

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