These are from early 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I was taking a picture of this bumper sticker, just because I thought it was interesting. Sorry about the blurred image. I'll explain in a moment.

The reason the prior image was blurred was because this idiot can't drive and nearly hit me. Luckily I noticed their stickers and got a two-for-one deal. But I didn't feel like I could really stick around and re-shoot the first image.

It's been relatively slow on the site lately, and that will probably continue for a little bit. The far left has had some protests with themes along the lines of keeping Obama to the left and keeping him to his promises, but the turnouts have been really bad. I think a lot of people are taking a wait and see attitude.

The anti-Prop 8 protests have been scattered up here. Lots of little protests in each city more than big protests in some central location.

The shooting of a local man at a BART station by a BART cop - by all indications a wildly illegal killing (I sure hope there's more to the story, but the video is pretty scary). Unfortunately in Oakland, where historically they've rioted (smashing cars, looting) for things such as Super Bowl losses it wasn't difficult for the RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) to incite a group of peaceful protesters into trashing downtown... again. The local paper has some coverage. And all I can say is, I understand why people are upset, and if this cop really did what it looks like he did as far as I'm concerned it's murder with special circumstances (If shooting a prone, handcuffed guy in the back from point blank range under color of authority isn't special circumstances it should be) but that doesn't mean you get to break into local businesses and steal stuff. You don't get to trash the cars of unrelated people. You don't get to light things on fire. You show up at meetings, you make sure the press is keeping the story alive, you make sure that the wheels of justice continue to turn, and you make sure this guy gets in front of a jury. Then it's up to them. And like I said, I sure hope there's more to the story and this isn't as clear cut as it looks.

The local branch of Code Pink is mostly gone. They couldn't pay their rent and they're having meetings at scattered places around town. They were very excited when they were able to get a PO box so they'd have an address. I hate to say this, but when it's a big deal that you raised funds for a PO box you're in trouble. They're back to doing protests at the Marine office but just 1-2 hours a week and there are usually only 1-2 people there.

Obviously people are protesting Israel, but pretty much people are always protesting Israel. Presumably their turnout is better than normal just now but basically it's the same people with the same props and I'm just not that interested.

So all in all I'm taking something of a wait and see approach while I wait out some personal health issues, let the left pick something to focus on, see if they get some actual numbers going. Or maybe once Obama takes office we'll all be happy bunnies and there will be nothing to protest about. We'll see.


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