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Oddly enough this lady from Code Pink was relatively concise and summed up the basic issues. (Give her a moment to get introduced - I normally would have trimmed things a bit but it's good to get a sense of how these things go.)

Media (the guy, I think the gal was just coincidentally in the frame).

Mmmm.... Overtime.... there were also police at nearby intersections directing traffic even though it was flowing just fine with the lights. Probably good to have them around just in case however - if the protesters tried a die-in that would really minimize the effects. But as always these things cost the city quite a bit of money. Update: No die-in, but the protesters did go for a short march after I left so points to SFPD for being ready to keep things flowing.

Across the street.

I'm just trying to give some sense of what it looks like to drive by.

I absolutely love this sign.

I still don't understand this one.

Notice the left is now making fun of the "Hope" thing. (Hopeless Escalation on the side there). And you'll note the recurring theme that they money could be spent on other things (because apparently Obama hasn't spent enough on social services...)

And that sign is "30,000 and change... you can believe in"

More media. They were cold and bored. And you know what, I couldn't take any more myself. Time to go home!

PS Thanks for the link, Bookworm!


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