These are from Saturday, January 22nd 2011 in San Francisco, CA. There were two groups of protesters here - the Walk for Life (pro-life) group, and a mixed group of counter protesters. This is the report on the counter-protesters (The introduction page is here). Frankly it's just the same nuts that always show up at San Francisco protests, but for the record...

This guy hasn't updated his sign since the Bush years. First term I think. He's a regular at any protest.

World Can't Wait... to impeach George Bush. They really need a new name. The people in the foreground are mostly tourists.


The Bolsheviks.

Wide angle view. That's all of them, around that pillar there.

The Revolutionary Communist Party was working the crowd.

Showing up fashionably late for the rally but in time for the march were the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their friends, below. Not much commentary necessary here.

If you're wondering why so many guys are in the counter-protest group, it's because the local leftie media asked people to come out and protest saying it was also an anti-gay rally.

I think this sign was written in terms of the allegedly anti-gay thing too. A lot of the signs are general-purpose anti-religious so the details aren't that important, but sometimes you'll get one that missed because they were misled about why they were there.

This is the sort of thing the Tea Party infiltrators carried. Not sure which side this person was on frankly, but she hung out with the antis, so let's keep it here.

There's that favorite word again.

I was really astonished about how few counter protesters showed up. The weather was great, the word was out, and yet most of the people there were the usual tired folks who will show up at any protest because it's their main social activity.

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