These are from Saturday, January 22nd 2011 in San Francisco, CA. There were two groups of protesters here - the Walk for Life (pro-life) group, and a mixed group of counter protesters. This is the much larger pro-life crowd (40,000 versus maybe a hundred). You can see the main index here.

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Frank Chu, a local character. You remember Where's Waldo? I play where's Frank Chu at protests.

I'm finally in the actual plaza. The stage is under that sign somewhere.

I was hoping to make it to those stairs but couldn't.

Just a sea of people.

Retreating to the outskirts. I waited for the march to begin...

...just a few shots from the march. I think the video on the main page shows it best, but here's a few intersting signs.

My personal favorite.

There were actually a lot fewer signs and lot more pre-printed clothing. I didn't shoot that many of them, but there were a lot of church groups who just wore a shirt that said something like "<name of church> is pro-life."

Which reminds me - the Secular Franciscans are a lay branch of the Franciscan religious order (they're "secular" compared to monks, it's an older use of the term). But there were also secular groups in the modern sense, basically making the point that you don't have to go to church to believe that killing babies is a bad thing. It's a reflection of the mainstreaming of the pro-life movement. These folks ( are an example if you want to check them out. Why am I talking about them here instead of providing a picture? Because I didn't get a good clear one - just the realities of shooting people in a mass like this, and it seems like as good a place as any to mention it.

Here we're really at the tail end of the march. They were just getting to cross from the plaza into the street a half hour after it began. I have no idea when they finally got to the end of the march, about 2.5 miles away.

Back to the plaza - the one that was totally packed a half hour earlier. Notice the total lack of litter, and those port a potties were the cleanest I've ever used in the city.

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